"Welcome Creative Entrepreneurs And Business Owners, Here At Golden Octopillar We Design, Develop, And Deploy Successful Growth Solutions For Creative Businesses Of All Sizes."

"Welcome Creative Entrepreneurs And Business Owners, Here At Golden Octopillar We Design, Develop, And Deploy Successful Growth Solutions For Creative Businesses Of All Sizes."

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Create & Live FREE FB Group

“An inspiring, eye-opening place where people get their first ever taste of how possible it truly is to achieve their ultimate lifestyle of success and freedom from wherever they are starting out from today!” 

Do you want more out of your life?

Do you want to swap being shackled to your desk or your business for a life of success, freedom, and living the ultimate lifestyle? The Create And Live Free Facebook Group is the first rung on that ladder! 

It's a place of accountability, motivation, and positivity where everybody shares a single common goal: To become Lifestyle Creators! Becoming a Lifestyle Creator means you stop giving up your today for a non-existent tomorrow, stepping off the hamster wheel, and leaving burnout behind.

It means choosing how you create your own money and build your own dream life. Becoming a Lifestyle Creator is everybody's life calling. 

Don't kid yourself with the idea that "playing it safe" and living by the status quo gives you the best odds. 

The strategy of trying harder and doing more of the same will just give you more of the same. It's a straight path to burnout and only produces incremental steps, which puts us on the outdated 9-5 strategy (More like 9-9) for 50 years to hopefully get ten years of freedom at the end.

If you want to stop compromising the things you love for the pursuit of tomorrow…Then join the Create And Live Free Facebook group, and start to see how to live free AND successful!

What's Inside?


Top entrepreneurs and business owners share their insights.


High-level training modules to help you live a life of freedom and success.


Get your questions answered after watching any of the interviews, training modules, or anything that comes up on your journey to freedom and success.


We are all here to share our successes and to help each other with our struggles, so we can all get further faster. There is no reason for us to go at it alone.

Are You Missing One (Or More) Of The Five Most Critical Areas Of Focus When It Comes To Growing Your Creative Business?

Watch Me Use These Critical Areas Of Focus To Take A Business From $10,000 A Month To $168,000 A Month In Only 5 Steps!

In this free video about The Five Most Critical Areas Of Focus In Your Creative Business, I show you how a business can go from $10,000 a month to $168,000 a month in five steps.


I explain how this is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. (I want to shut that down real quick, so I don't attract the wrong people.)

This short video is for those looking to build, grow, or stabilize your creative business

This is for you if:
  • You Want To Simplify Your Focus
  • You Want To Know Where To Focus
  • You Want To Make Well-Informed Decisions
  • You Want A Way To Document And Track Your Efforts
  • You Want A Way To Prioritize Based On What Will Make The Most Significant Difference In Your Business

The 'Work Less, Make More' Challenge

“In just 5-days, Discover The Best Way To Unshackle Yourself From Your Business So You Can Live A Life Of Freedom And Success"

Friendly Reminder: The goal was to build a life you don't need a vacation from,
not to create a life of burnout away from who and what you love most.
  • ​You got into business NOT to be tied to a desk or a laptop screen.
  • You got into business to have more financial AND personal freedom.
  • You got into business to do WHAT you want WHEN you want.
Basically, to live a retired life without being retired, right? However, those short-term sacrifices of long hours, late nights, and burnout…

...have stretched out into your long-term way of running your business (and life.) Something has to change. And it starts with this Challenge.

For five days, 1-2 hours a day, you will learn the success secrets of high achieving business owners and entrepreneurs who have incredible income streams AND rich personal lives.

Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program

“The last foundational coaching program you’ll ever need - This 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program focuses on building or restructuring all areas of your business to enable a more freedom, success filled life!”

Once you understand the secrets of Create & Live Free, it’s time to make it happen! In just 12-weeks, you’ll go from working in or on your business to working over your business. 

We’re going to get your business working for you, so you can experience true personal and professional freedom. Whether you are in start-up mode, fix and pivot mode, or "I just need to grow and scale to 7-figures and beyond” mode...

This personalized program will condense your timeframe and get you living free sooner rather than later. This is the last coaching program you'll ever need. From here, you'll just thrive off building new connections. 

In addition to providing everything you need to build, grow, or pivot your business… You will also learn how to protect and grow your money like the wealthy and protect and maintain your health like the super successful so that you can Create And Live Free for as long as possible. 

Lifestyle Master Inner Circle

“A next-level network, for a next level Lifestyle Creator to build their net worth. Form partnerships with other high-level entrepreneurs to swap the secrets to living the dream, financial-and-obligation-FREE life.” 

There comes a time, usually around the 6-figure and up mark, where every entrepreneur has a choice: Coast or crush. 

The Lifestyle Inner Circle is for the crushers. High-level entrepreneurs and business owners come together in person every quarter, virtually every month, and as needed in between. The topic of discussion? 

Everything anyone could possibly need to become a Lifestyle Master. Someone whose income is so passive, yet so reliably substantial, to the outside world you look RETIRED…

...you’ve got that much time on your hands and fun to be had! The only way of life you know is to create and live free every single day.

  • Inner Circle Elite Facebook Group
  • 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program
  • ​8-Day Live Event In Bali + Access To Recordings
  • ​8-Day Live Event In Iceland + Access To Recordings
  • ​Bi-weekly Group Calls
  • ​Text Access To Me For Personalized Life & Business Advice
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 Destiny In A Day Calls With Me, Jeremy Nicolaides
  • ​Partnership On 1 Deal To Grow, Scale, Or Exit Your Business

Investment Opportunities

“One of my favorite things to do is help creative companies grow and scale and see them succeed. Unlike other investors, I like to invest time, energy, and guidance, and not just my money.”

Do you want to see exponential growth in your existing company, but you’ve hit a financial or expertise roadblock you can’t internally overcome? I invest in companies who can first acknowledge they need help…

...and second are willing to surrender their stronghold, step into the trenches with me as partners and work to take their business to the next level - through whatever it takes! 

As a rule, these investments are only projects I know I can make a big impact within. Generally, but not 100% limited to creative businesses and social media accounts.

Examples Of Investment Partnerships I’d Be Interested In:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • ​​Facebook Groups
  • Entrepreneur Education
  • Instagram Accounts
  • ​Mastermind and Networking
  • ​Podcasts
  • ​Youtube Channels
  • ​SaaS
  • ​LinkedIn Groups
  • ​Fine Art
  • ​​VR/AR
  • ​Digital Art
  • ​Photography
  • ​​Coaching & Courses
  • ​​Concept Art
  • ​Graphic Design
  • ​Research
If you or someone you know is looking for investment, looking to monetize a social media account, or is looking to sell their business, please reach out, and let's discuss.

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Invite Me To Speak At Your
Live/Virtual Event

“Over two decades, I’ve been on a learning curve like no other, and the lessons I have to share are universal to business and life.” 

Do you have a live or virtual event, mastermind, or session you want me to speak at?

Long story short: I started out as a college dropout and, by chance, ended up in the 3D film industry just as it was about to blow up. 

I quickly climbed the ladder to Global Creative Director and a consultant that allowed me to work on epic films like Star Wars, Transformers, and Men In Black (See more). The long hours, endless travel, and lack of personal life took their toll. 

I quit and started a landscape photography business. Part of that was buying a print and marketing business to support my photography and produce passive income. What I thought would be a breeze almost bankrupt me. It was during those 16 months that I realized the true calling of a Lifestyle Creator. Someone who can go against the status quo and design a life that is best for them.

I can’t tell you how many todays I gave up for some imaginary tomorrow. Burning myself out and struggling to be present when not working. Something had to change!

Fast forward, after a lot of investment in coaching programs and masterminds, I finally understood how to live life FREE and SUCCESSFUL. 

I optimized my time AND skillset in a way that meant I could make more money with a lot less effort.

Today I run a company called Golden Octopillar and our motto is Create And Live Free. I focus on helping creative entrepreneurs and business owners live a life of freedom and success. No longer will we burn ourselves out climbing imaginary ladders. Instead, we will create a lifestyle that generates the income we desire while we enjoy our life.

 If that’s something that you want for yourself, your following, team, or organization:

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