Welcome To The Last Coaching Program You’ll Ever Need: 

Build, Execute, & Manage A Complete Business & Personal Transformation In Just 12 Weeks And Finally Achieve The Holy Trinity Of Living Successful, Happy, AND Free

Sick Of Making Frustrating Incremental Changes In Your Life & Business?  

Discover The Secrets To Making Monumental GAINS & Permanent Transformation Instead

How many coaching programs have you invested in so far…  

A handful? A whole basketful? Hardly any? 

No matter what your “coaching program count is,” one thing is 100% true: 

None of them worked. 

Else, you wouldn’t be here on this page looking to still fill that gap.

The hallmarks of that gap? 

👉   You’re burning the candle at both ends, while others are burning through their third mimosa on the beach in the Bahamas on their fourth vacation of the year.

👉   You’re sacrificing your todays for a non-existent tomorrow, while others are building tomorrow WHILE being present today. 

👉   You’re working IN your business (deep in….), while others are working over their business, through automation, systemization, and knowing something you don’t. 

But, don’t kick yourself. 

Most coaching programs are FUNDAMENTALLY flawed in that they encourage activity over action-taking. 

It’s a tiny difference that makes a world of difference. 

Why do you think they have “activities” for kids? 

They keep you preoccupied for a small amount of time, encourage you to give yourself a pat on the back, and then it’s onto the next thing. 

That piece of “work” ultimately ends up in the garbage.

Another one bites the dust. 

When the sun sets, all you’ve been doing is more of the same, just packaged up slightly differently. Whereas taking action - real action - isn’t child’s play. It requires BIG, BOLD MOVES, reserved for the BRAVE, and fortune favors the brave. 

That’s Where The 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program Comes In…

You will make monumental changes in the way you run your business and life

A permanent shift will happen in the way you look, feel, and think about everything. You will no longer feel like you’re on the outside looking in on the people who have it all. You will have the keys to the inside and be able to join them. 

Once you do, you’ll become a Lifestyle Creator. Someone who has the Holy Trinity of what it takes to live an extraordinary life: You’ll be successful, happy & free. 
You will: 
  • Define your own reality 
  • Create your own opportunities
  • Build your own empire
  • Write your own legacy 
  • Make your own memories
  • Set your own rules

It sounds too good to be true because you’ve been led to believe it is

You’ve been conditioned to believe that working and business life is the longest, most unfair “exchange” in the world, but somehow it's the status quo and acceptable. 

You “exchange” 50 - 60 years of your life working in the 9-5 (More like 9-8) or shackled to your business in hopes of 10 - 20 (max) years of freedom AKA retirement. 

But, ask yourself… 

Is it true freedom? 

For starters, you don’t have TIME freedom. 

Retirement, in its crudest form, is a ticking time bomb. 

Granted, you won’t be working, so you do have free time, but the quality and quantity of that time you have is capped. 

So, you have to squeeze everything into 10 odd years - if you’re lucky!

Those expenses are set to come at you thick and fast. 

At 70 or 80 years of age, will you have the financial freedom to do everything you want to do on the income you’re on now? 

And, money aside…

Will you have the HEALTH freedom to do all of those things like travel the world, skydive, or move to a condo on the beach? 

There are no guarantees you won’t, but there are no guarantees you will either. 

A Lifestyle Creator eliminates that risk altogether

You live, succeed, and experience in the here and now while also creating a legacy for later on down the line. 

“Sacrifice” isn’t in the vocabulary of a Lifestyle Creator. 

Can you hand on heart say that it’s not in yours…

Have you NEVER let your business impact your personal life? Missed a few dinners? Missed your kid’s birthday or your anniversary? Skipped a weekend or even an entire vacation for “the sake of your business?” 

Life shouldn’t be about sacrifice. It should be about gain, monumental gain. Because the truth is, the people you look up to who are earning 25x more than you have a better business/life balance than you do. 

They’re not working any harder.

They’ve got something that works smarter. 

The Lifestyle Accelerator Coaching program is your chance to not only learn about it but IMPLEMENT it: 

Meet The Creator Of The LAST Coaching Program You’ll Ever Need 

Hi, I’m Jeremy Nicolaides! 

You and I are more alike than you think. 

If you were to do a quick Google search on me, you’d see that I'm a successful film industry veteran, entrepreneur, consultant, and coach. 

If you checked out my social media, you’d see that I spend much of my life hanging out with family, vacationing, and adventuring.
If you were able to check out my finances, you’d see that I have multiple streams of income, live my life exactly how I want to, and ensure my family can do the same.

I am a living, breathing Lifestyle Creator. 

But it hasn’t always been that way...

I was a college dropout who, by utter chance, wound up in the 3D film industry just as it was about to blow up. 

I climbed “the ladder” for eight years and was able to start a successful consulting business and I became Global Creative Director for a large company.

The pay was incredible, the travel was unbelievable, and I got to work on films like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Transformers

I was a big shot in my job, but I had no personal life. I’d work 12-18 hour days, 7-days a week, and jump from project to project with no breaks in between. I had all the success with no one to share it with. 

So, long story short, I quit. I took 6 months off, met my amazing wife, and decided to start a landscape photography business. Part of that was buying a print and marketing business. 

And here’s where our stories TRULY collide. 

The print and marketing business was only ever meant to support my photography business and provide a passive income.

I expected a 4 month turnaround. 

I got triple that. 

The business almost bankrupted me. It consumed every single second of my day. It needed constant babysitting to stay afloat…

...and even that was by the skin of its teeth. 

As a business owner (AND NOT A LIFESTYLE CREATOR) you can’t call in sick

You can’t quit. 

You’re on a treadmill with no off button or any sign of letting up, and if you slow down for a second, you’ll crash and burn.

You convince yourself that if I sacrifice my today, tomorrow will be all sunshine and rainbows. I can’t tell you how many todays went by without any tomorrows. I was at breaking point. Then one day, I was listening to a business podcast about how to develop your mindset to think like millionaires, and learning how to take action to reach your first $1,000,000...  

As a last throw of the dice, I signed up for their coaching program.

Everything changed. I was surrounded by people who knew things and taught me them in a way I could implement them. 

Sounds simple right? Even crazy? But it was as simple as that. Like a little exclusive club, they ALL KNEW what I needed to do to optimize my time. 

And once I KNEW that too and was at the receiving end of that transfer of knowledge, nothing would be the same again. I’d never run a business like I had been AGAIN. 

It just didn’t make sense anymore. 

18 months later, the print and marketing business was running itself passively 80% of the time

I had the most valuable thing of all: free time! 

So, I went out and produced the 3D for Point Break and Blade Runner 2049. I also started consulting for a global technology company looking to expand into the film industry. 

I now had a set of skills that could produce multiple streams of income. This allowed me to sell the print and marketing business because even just the 20% of the time it was taking up on my life wasn’t justifiable.
I had optimized my time AND skillset in a way that meant I could make a lot more money with a lot less effort in other areas of my life. 

Now, I control my time in a way that works best for me.

And I have designed my income in a way the that works best for me.

Bottom line?

Investing in the coaching program gave me the foundation I needed to build myself a better life and business. 

Since then, I have spent well into the six figures on numerous coaching programs and masterminds. I have continued to consult for large global companies, setting up 6 and 7 figure lines of revenue. But more importantly, I have found a way to live my life in a way that generates a very healthy income without giving up my life. 

No joke, as I type this I am sitting in a beach chair about 100 feet from the water. Everytime a wave crashes I can feel the mist on my face.

I created the 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program to do the same for you.

What’s Included In The 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program:

Over 12-weeks, you will undergo, build, execute, and manage a complete business and lifestyle transformation. You’ll go from working in or on your business to working over your business. You won’t find a work/life balance. You’ll find the best kind of IMbalance…
Where you work less, make more, and ENJOY MORE of life
We’ll get your business working for you, so you can experience true personal and professional freedom. Whether you are in start-up mode, fix and pivot mode, or "I just need to grow and scale to 7-figures and beyond” mode... This personalized program will condense your timeframe and get you living free sooner rather than later. 
This is the last coaching program you'll ever need
From here, the only investment you’ll need to make is the elite, mastermind kind… because the only thing you’ll need is to build new connections to move the needle in your life! In addition to providing everything you need to build, grow, or pivot your business… 
You will also learn how to protect and grow your money
Like the wealthy do. And, protect and maintain your health like the super successful so that you can Create And Live Free for as long as possible. 

The program: 

  • Proven Principles, Frameworks, & Strategies
  • ​​Work Less, Make More Roadmap Implementation & Accountability
  • Weekly Live Training Over Zoom
  • Weekly Assignments For Inside Your Business
  • ​Weekly Live Q&A
  • ​Access To A Private Facebook Group For Networking And Q&A Between Calls
  • ​Bonus #1: How To Manage Overwhelm & Burnout
  • ​Bonus #2: Mindset Mastery
  • ​Bonus #3: Work Less, Make More Challenge Recordings
  • ​Bonus #4: Virtual Ticket To The Lifestyle Master Inner Circle Event In Bali

Ready To Get Started? Here Are Your Next Steps: 

Step #1: Click Any Of The Buttons To Start Filling Out Your Application 

You will be taken to a short questionnaire. 

This will help me gain an understanding of where you’re at now with your life and business, the resources available to you, and where you want to go. 

It’s the ultimate time-saver for both of us to ensure we make the most out of step #2…

Step #2: Schedule Your 1:1 Application Call With Me 

Spaces are limited, and application numbers are high. 

I like to personally talk to every applicant to ensure we’re the right fit for each other and share the same goals and outcomes of the Lifestyle Creator Acceleration program. 

It’s a chance to ask me questions about your personal circumstances and the program itself. 

Step #3: Get Accepted Into The Program 

If we are a good fit, I’ll invite you to be the newest member of the 12-Week Lifestyle Creator Acceleration Program.

You can get started building, executing, and managing your complete business and personal transformation! 
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© 2021 - Golden Octopillar Inc - All Rights Reserved.
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